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This local removal van business based in Essex boasts an array of services ranging from waste collection (both residential and commercial) to motorcycle transport. An experienced and well-established company that reached out to Blink Creative Media in order to be one step ahead of rival removal companies in terms of having a strong online presence.

A simplistic colour scheme was chosen with the statement bright red being an accent throughout the website. This statement attracts the attention of users and invites them to read more. With a strong implementation of SEO, this website comes up on Google as top ranking in search, which will lead to an increased number of visits to the site and therefore a larger number of possible future jobs.

In order to boost clientele, it is necessary for companies in this era of technology to have an impactful online presence, allowing potential customers to request callbacks, send enquiries, see a company profile and browse their services.

As the business continues to work with us through our pay monthly scheme, we will keep the website updated regularly and maintain a strong relationship with our client. It was a pleasure to be chosen by Essex Services and we will continue to develop and improve their online presence where necessary. Our client is extremely pleased with their final product.

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