Lamb & Co Decorating

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Lamb & Co is an environmentally friendly and skilled decorating business that reached out to Blink Creative Media in order to boost their online presence as a company. It is a local business that works around Suffolk and Essex, providing a wide range of services from small scale property repairs to commercial unit decorating. 

Owen and Rosie’s business is centered around the use of quality materials whilst also employing hand-painting tools in order to reduce unnecessary emissions. The website’s clean finish and signature blue theme reflects the professional work of Lamb & Co and the gallery that we have created displays evidence of their specialist work. Furthermore, Lamb & Co’s website focuses on the Call-to-Action’s (“CTA’s”) as this will help to increase the inflow of clients enquiring through Lamb & Co’s website. As the businesses resumé expands, we will continue to develop the website and adapt to the requirements of the market.

Since the launch of Lamb & Co’s website they have been inundated with new clients and are looking forward to the continued growth of their professional business. It was a pleasure to work with Owen and Rosie and we thank them for using Blink Creative Media. 

(Completed 26th April)

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