Lane Homes Construction

2021 - Present

Crafting a stunning online experience for a premium property developer in Essex.


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Getting down to it.

We were approached by Lane Homes on recommendation, with the task of designing the brand new – and first – instance of their online presence. 

Daniel at Lane Homes had explained to us that despite their great success in their trade so far – they were still without a website or any consistent branding online. Understandably busy, the team at Lane Homes were tight for time and so our team got to work, brainstorming a number of ideas from scratch.

We wanted to convey a premium, clean experience – much like that which you get when stepping into one of their properties. While doing so, we were keen to impart a feeling of rigidity and structure across the site, in order to pay hommage to their industry. We did this by incorporating sharp, lines and shapes across the structure of the site; slanted polygon SVGs to bring attention to links and buttons, boxed information for importance, and pattern SVGs to give a “construction” feel to the shapes and vectors.

We also wanted to explore the significance of the bee, as seen in their logo handed to us. After speaking to Dan, we decided it would be the right creative direction to incorporate a “bumble bee” element into our designs, with honeycomb SVGs designed in-house. We used these to impart structure, while implicitly conveying the home of the bee. This small but significant design choice helped to tie together the brand experience in a more cohesive and individual way.

Mr Lane was impressed with our work, and our ability to manage our time under pressure.

"Here is a quote from Dan, it would say something nice, effective and not too long. We will use this on a coloured back drop."

We were thrilled with the result and are only too pleased to have the team at Lane Homes with us.