Building a contemporary online presence for leading property developer.

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Building a contemporary online presence for leading property developer.

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Lane Homes Construction

New Build Development

June 2021

In June 2021 Lane Homes Construction approached us with the urgent need for a website to build their online presence for their property development firm.

The directors also needed a simple and effective solution to business email addresses for their large team.

After taking the time to audit the brand and speak to the directors, we found that the brand had very few identity assets and no consistent design language to apply across the site, allowing us a blank canvas to get their website off the ground.

We started by redrawing and simplifying their existing logo as they did not have a hi-res version to provide. Following this we saw the opportunity to develop some SVG graphics for use across the website, which add a nice touch of character and personality to the existing structure.

We applied their bold red and blue colour way to a modern and utility-based website to provide an extremely simple design that was user-focused and pushed users to their primary call to action; to contact their exclusive property agent partners Lamb & Co. We also integrated dynamic content features for each development, so future and past developments can be quickly and seamlessly added upon completion – slotting neatly into our pre-designed templates. This created one consistent identity and simplified future maintenance work on the website.

The directors were extremely pleased with the outcome and have since been making great use of our long term relationship and the facilities provided by Blink.